CBD Oil VS Cannabis Oil

Hemp Plant

With so many different CBD products around and the news frequently talking about Cannabis oil. It’s understandable that many people are left scratching their heads, wondering what the difference is between CBD oil and cannabis oil.

For starters products such as ours are made from industrial hemp whereas cannabis oil is made from the cannabis plant. They both, however, are varieties of the Cannabis Sativa plant. The hemp plant differs from Cannabis in the fact that it will not get you high, hemp normally contains under 0.3% THC which is the chemical compound which gets you high. Most Hemp plants are made with higher amounts of CBD in. This is one of the main distinguishing factors between the two plants.

Physical appearance

Cannabis looks distinguishably different from the hemp plant. When you view the leaves from the plant you will notice that the leaves from the hemp plant are a lot skinnier and their leaves are concentrated to the top of the plant. Hemp is also typically taller and skinnier (up to 20ft). Whereas Cannabis has much broader leaves and is much shorter. Cannabis also features tight buds. When placed next to each other you would be able to point out which is which due to their unique features.


The environments in which both plants are grown in are very different. Hemp is grown in large plots with as little as 4 inches between each plant. It is a typical growth cycle is roughly 110 - 120 days. Hemp can be grown in a variety of climates meaning that growers do not need to have a constant eye on their plant. Cannabis, however, must be grown in a very controlled environment, specifically warm and humid. The growth cycle however for Cannabis is considerably less with plants taking between 60-90 days. It is advised not to grow hemp and cannabis close together as the pollen from the hemp plant can cause the Cannabis plant to lose its psychoactive properties.

Hemp is selectively made for industrial and consumer purposes. The fibres from the Hemp stalk have been used to makes products such as paper, clothes and many other textiles making this plant incredibly versatile. All of our products are made from certified organic Hemp.

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