Keeping healthy in your workplace

On average many people spend ⅓ of their life at work. That is a big chunk of your life spent at work. We understand that this can affect people's health and wellbeing. So at Plant Life, we believe in making the workplace a welcoming place to spend ⅓ of their life. Here are our top tips on how you can keep healthy and happy in the workplace!

Exercise at workKeep active - If you work in an office like some of our staff do it can be hard to incorporate exercise into your routine. Experts say that one hour of exercise at the gym, for example, is not enough for those in a sit-down job. Solutions to this problem can be getting a stand-up desk or using an exercise ball instead of a chair. Due to our bodies constantly having to make minor adjustments all the time it keeps out muscles constantly moving helping for you to keep active while working. We also recommend getting up and walking around at least once every hour, whether this is just to make a tea or to go to the toilet this can really help keep you that bit healthier.

Healthy FoodWatch what you eat - You should try and start every morning with a breakfast. This will help you from snacking more before your lunch and will also give you the energy to get through the first few hours of work! For lunch, you should avoid foods which are heavy in your stomach such as fast food, microwave ready meals and pre-packed sandwiches. These types of foods are usually processed and will leave you feeling sluggish. Food such as wholegrain rice and bread, salads and eggs are some of the best foods you can choose for your dinner. Pre-planning your lunch for the week can make it much easier!

Stress at workDon’t stress - Did you know that stress has become the modern killer? We know that some stress isn’t always avoidable but there are ways to make sure stress doesn't take over your life. Take a breather, if something is stressing you out take a 5-minute break, you will go back to the issue at hand with a clearer and calmer head. If stress is becoming a part of your daily life then why not research into CBD and the potential it could have on helping lower your stress.

Fun at workHave fun - The workplace shouldn’t be just somewhere that you slave your life away at! Have some fun with your fellow employees, maybe go for drinks after work or arrange fun themed afternoon with the staff. For example the world cup; is on so why don’t you get the flags up and take part in the football spirit!

At Plant Life, we believe that your business is as good as the people that work for you. So looking after our employees is important in order to have a successful business. If your staff thrive so does your business and keeping healthy in work is one way to keep spirits high in the workplace.