3000mg distilled CBD Oil (30ml)

3000mg distilled CBD Oil (30ml)

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Introducing our 10% (3000mg) distilled CBD oil drops.

Each 30ml bottle contains 3000mg of CBD oil made from organically certified hemp. 

Our distilled CBD oil has no taste or smell and is the gold standard of CBD oils!

Full spectrum hemp distillate is the purest form of Cannabinoid rich hemp oil. Distillation is the method used to create distillate, therefore distillate has the highest levels of Cannabinoids compared to normal full plant extracts. Distillates need to be mixed with a carrier oil such as MCT oil to help your body absorb the cannabinoids. C8 MCT oil is the best type of MCT oil to use, most MCT oil is only 55% C8. The C8 MCT oil used in this product is 99.9%+ C8. There is no need to add your own MCT.

To use, shake the bottle well, take 2-10 drops per serving under the tongue keeping the oil there as long as possible. Swallowing the oil will reduce the bioavailability of the CBD.

CBD oil is great for those looking to add CBD into their daily lifestyle and can be better for those who struggle to swallow capsules.

Contains non-traceable amounts of THC. The legal limit of THC is 0.2%.